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Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce website development and design are our core services.

Pandora Design have experience of creating database driven websites, and are able to add database driven pages to an existing website. Database driven websites are usually required for medium to large shopping carts, but also for websites with a membership or registration process. Adding a database to a website requires a database plus writing code to communicate between the website and the database.

In addition to the interaction of the website with 'users', there is often an administration part to consider. We can advise on this how to control the rights of 'users'.

We have bundle of experience in developing highly appealing and client attractive websites for number of ecommerce industries. As a website development company, we specialize in ecommerce website development services. We are offering affordable website design, website management, promotion and maintenance.

Here's what Pandora Design would do for your business, specially designing an ecommerce website our team consider the following points:

  • You can have Visitor tracking record.

  • It can have absolute Inventory control.

  • Customer can Add product, Delete and Edit in shopping carts and can also has Summery of its shopping.

  • Daily Product Report see how many purchased, name, model, prices and total events by Manager keep track in whole day.

  • Customer login form for maintaining customer record.

  • Multiple options for the Payment.

  • Your website will be Fraud protected and you can also see sales reports.

So when ever you want to get your business visible and well presented to your customers then contact us we assure that our ecommerce website development will be good experience for your company and as well as for your customers.

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